Now that all the streams
have come together
do you have
the strength
to ride
the current
of this enormous
can you hold
upright and true
while banks
seek to collide
and crushing you
would matter not
but only prove
that little twerps
have nothing new
to say
there was a time
you thought it so
and now that you
have found
your voice
can you
hold perfect pitch
while others
with their buckets
of confusion
slip and drop
and patch
what can’t be
and you content
to let them
and finally
in this avalanche
of crumbling walls
and timely space
can you hold still
and rest
like sparrows
in the hand
of God
and never lose
your poise
or belly-urge to laugh?
Did I hear right?
Three times a yes?
Then mightiest
are sure to
gather where
you are, and me
and all the rest
here in the
midst of them.


© Elaine Stirling, 2014
Image: Grand River, Elora Gorge,
Ontario, Canada;
photographer unknown