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Alain C. Dexter. You have your own author page, congratulations! After all you’ve been through, dear friend, could you have ever imagined this revival? Probably not.

Photo by Kara Bobechko, 2012

Photo by Kara Bobechko, 2012

Some things…maybe most things–heck, probably all things are imagined before they turn real. Even better, we can re-imagine reality anytime we land into a brand new moment.

“Internal unity promotes trade.” Some wise guy in one of your short stories said that once, and I kept it tacked to my wall for pretty much the entire time I was battling a strange (to me) new craft. They call it poetry. You led me to some actual poets in your inscrutable way who have become friends, and I’ve learned invaluable lessons in mob control. Seriously, though, the publication of our twin books is an honour, and I’m counting the days until I hold your Dead to Rights: A Circularity of Glosas alongside my novella of horror and good medicine, Dead Edit Redo in these humbled hands.

Much love of self to you and others, bro!