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Today, in my lifetime, an African-American president of the United States is visiting Cuba. This is the same lifetime that lived through the missile crisis and witnessed, via media mere decades old, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Last week, the US president and his wife hosted our prime minister, who is the son of the prime minister who brought into being two official languages for Canada, English and French. That enactment opened us to an era of tolerance and diversity for which Canadians are known and admired around the planet. Reputation isn’t everything, but the first thought we think about any one thing is first for a reason.

World events do not define me. Happiness does. So does freedom, which includes the power to look beyond my first reaction if that reaction displeases me. The further this life unfolds, the more I choose to focus on changes for the good. The more I focus on changes for the good, the more goodness I see. We are surrounded by it.

Happy Spring, everyone!