cliff edge 3

Stand too near the edge
of something you have
never done, was told,
then thought you
never could
until you fully come
to know through faith
and science, back and forth,
including both, that distance
between tip of toe
and precipice
can be divided, halved
unto infinity, and with each
precisely that amount
no more
and rest
until the noisy sound bytes
in your head stop clamouring,

“Too far, too close, too hard, too high,
too small, too big, too too too too…”

And when you’ve rested
not too much, allow yourself
a glimpse to know a little
more through faith that
safe you were
and safe you are—
that leading edge of anything
is only worth the measuring
of where you’ve been
to where you are
of where you are
to where you want
to be

until you see
the field vast and boundless
of your constant and unflinching proof
(a science personal) that all is well,
continues to be well, that no one
but yourself decides which way
to go and how or when
and then relax…

the path you thought
was precipice that’s battled
from the edges of infinity
on your behalf to reach you
at your feet unfurls

take a full step


© Elaine Stirling, 2015
photographer unknown