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How long it’s been since I have seen the shapes
of things according to their own design;
to lazy flannel nap I’ve worn this mind
by thinking I must solve what aggravates.

Compulsions once original and fine
I’ve blunted by denominating down,
demoting love’s capacity to clown,
allowing unexamined to define

this worthy and extraordinary round
of life I know to be perpetual—
to hell, henceforth, with dim and gradual!
No purchase do I seek on spongy ground.

By simple law of preference, let’s proceed;
desire squared outnumbers myriads of need.


Note: The ancient Greeks used the term “myriad” to describe ten thousand or a hundred hundreds. Archimedes went on to say that “myriad myriads” allowed us to reach the equivalent of one hundred million. If one keeps repeating the word, of course…

© Elaine Stirling, 2015