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terry pratchett laughing_dailyedge_dot_ie

I will get over this but not today.
The elephants have shrugged and stolen you
away someplace where Rincewind and Sam Vimes
keep summer cottages, and Carrot dines
with you and Lady Sybil’s dragons. Who
is here among us now to show the way
to operate a clacks, and lead us through
Ankh Morpork’s grubby lanes? These are rough times!
We need an ape librarian who climbs
his way through L-space—ook!—of Unseen U.
I know what Granny Weatherwax would say.
Ate’nt dead, just traveling! I s’pose that’s true,
since DEATH and you were always best of friends.
Who laughs the hardest, kind Sir, fastest mends.


© Elaine Stirling, 2015
Photo of Sir Terry Pratchett from http://www.dailyedge.ie