Today I turn
toward the solution
of all that I want

I see them heaped
in crescent shapes
and bows

so many gifts
and answers to
I cannot reach
the top

and so I stretch
most curious
which shall I
open first?

the brightest, yes,
for in the choosing well
the brightest proves
itself to be the gateway to
the more and more
of better and
the more and more of
let them in
the guests
of great fulfilment who
for aeons have collected
on behalf of me
response to me
the questions I have
thrown to them
these allies of

receiving every one
I set the table for new
doctrines and new
—I love your hats!
your mom make that?—
by feeling for the highest
I lift thinking to the summits
and the valleys sing their praises
for the lowest and the highest
are the one and same
they bring
to this attention
great attraction
game and sprightly
vision free of all division
let us multiply therefore
the loaves and fishes
congregate and share
what is delicious
let the tastes
of each be honoured
here is where the heart is
here is where the start
of all the good that grows
and never ends
so be it
men and women
be it
children once again
yes, be it
now forevermore
and be it now
forever more


© Elaine Stirling, 2014
Image is from http://www.wallconvert.com