coruscating thunder rolls across an eggplant sky
magenta lightning throws the silhouettes
of maple trees to borderline relief

no more will I deplete reserves
or segregate voluptuous from shrewd
to please the sad voyeurs and harsher prudes

and just when I’m deciding how to easily
acclimatize, a second front arrives
with bayonets and tridents, some alliance,
I suspect, of Thor and great Poseidon

pressing north to south like paddles
to resuscitate the heart, this is the fresh new
start of something I’d imagined from the cradle
now enriched with elements more stable

and those loiterers I used to think incapable
if not for me by thunderbolts have all been
goosed, set loose to find and disentangle
their own brambled disenchantments

while the storm fronts opened here
for business shower leaflets stating
moribund and glum prohibited
begone the lazy state of grave!


© Elaine Stirling, 2014
Image from Toronto Life