Are you equipped for exaltation?
Are you properly kitted to observe
the torus of your magnificent unfolding?

Or are you still relating
the story of the fish scale
that lodged at the back
of your throat when the love
of your life called you
a bore and walked out?

If you can’t take it in yet
that you are the center
of Creation that expands,
could you at least put yourself
at the mid-point of the Coliseum,
not worrying too much whether
you’re dancing with lions, gladiators,
or bears with gold rings in their noses?

You are every bit the center too
when sands of the arena are raked
at night and lit by Sirius.

Come on, don’t tell me that
doesn’t make you smile just a little.

Thing is, friend, while you’re busy
sorting your dog-eared Go Fish deck
of who to disapprove of today and why,
a three-month-old baby at the table
beside you is building community
with gurgles and bare toes.

I watch her now and then
admiring your torus.


© Elaine Stirling, 2014