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I tend a cache of cyclones
intermittent and aligned

a merry stash of what’s to come
down pipelines I’ve designed

by focusing on what I choose
deliberately to occupy my day

the cyclones pull in more of same
which saves in every way

the energy required of me
who used to think that I must be
to every toad, dick, enemy


Availing is to help oneself
an Olympian ability

to only that which pleases
with no grave necessity

apart from knowing I’ve these
cyclones in their ever-spinning cages

who spit out and extrapolate
and bring me what engages.

The challenge with cyclonics is
not what to groom or feed them

and even less to worry if it’s
right or wrong to breed them.

From the moment I begin my
day, the little beasts are roaring

hunting down the succulent
and best, they love exploring!

Reports they bring back constantly
of who’s nearby. Their scoring

is impeccable, discernment
they will amplify by tens

of thousands, millions more than
my pea brain can calculate.

They sort my dreams, chase out
the schemes of nasty little grievers

keep my sights and pathways clean
of simpering achievers.


Now, while it may seem difficult
at first to care for cyclones

especially if to doldrums you’ve
accustomed your attention

or to outer storms and conflicts
been addicted, thinking tension
is the answer, well…

I can assure that cyclones
will not bite the mindful owner

wear you out or make demands
except of those to chill and laugh

and flirt a little now and then
and only when you want to!

Once you have them spinning
in alignment they will prove

themselves to be your best
and sole, Good Life provider.

Goodbye to whine, hello merlot,
vast funds, good fun, and travel.

So long, sad sacks, hello success,
new love and friends to revel

with me in the tending and the masterful
suspending of a cache of carefree, endless
whirling, new world turning, cyclones.


© Elaine Stirling, 2014