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A bawdy sonnet of the season with stage direction

[Exeunt fastidiae.*]
[Enter Great Dionisia.**]

All praise to Richard No-Name of the swelled
head! Let peons—that is, paeans rise in
excelsis, every beau, young graceful belle,
throw off your rectitudes for Dick, good rex,
has waked from winter’s sleep. His ewes and rams
they prance, proclaiming their fine pedigree,
while cowslips burst prim rosy in the hands
of maidens who would lose their heads to free
with crowning ecstasy the hornéd king,
sweet Richard, though his name’s of no account,
his double orbs and scepter are the thing—
aye, half the kingdom rides his noble mount!
Stay now, birthed spring, among us, be not shy
to animate new lovers where they lie.


* All prudes off the stage
** Enter 24 comedic, female performers

© Elaine Stirling, 2014
The beautiful primroses come from http://www.theplantfarm.wordpress.com.