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One is now, soon
is never, later ate
by alligator. Crock is
that which says I will
and after while, an
other while, and yet
another, other while
doesn’t do the thing
or things you’ve
kindly asked—or
maybe not—the
croc, you see,
makes promises
but doesn’t ever
really ever do
the thing you want
them most to do
the way you would
have done the
thing if you had
done the thing
yourself. Boom!

Now crastinating’s
no big deal, for time
in time when time
is right will furnish
all, but what I’m
anti in the pro of
all procrastinators’
Whoa!…” is how
they make the
someday that is
never any one day
rudely push away
the fun that comes
with every sun day,
place of rest is here
today (the sun came
up, uh-huh, it did!)
and here is where
Creation sees the
best of who and
what we are: I’m
number One and
so are you and
she and he, but
what and when
and how and
whether, all that
stuff is up to me
and only me, not
any of those

The bottom line
is this: I do not
have to wait and
stomp and snuff
to start again—
Procrastinate, you
are and ever will be
late, you make a
really lousy date—
I’m starting now
without you,


Procrastinate: from Latin, pro (in favour of) + crastinus (tomorrow)

© Elaine Stirling, 2013
Image of skipping from Class May, 2010
at foothillforce.org