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Have no fear of exponentiality!
The mores and mores of what
we want if want be true surround
the faithfulest of promises, they
are the light, the uneclipsed
of you, who is, who are the
variable factors acting
on the very able.

Shadow’s great, a topic
rife with metaphor, its power
to delineate beliefs inherited,
adopted, and on verge of
catapult, collapse, catastrophe
is unsurpassed—but shadow
is the past. Make no mistake—
you can’t—there is no need
to err nor air what irritates
with anything but gratitude
for all who’ve come and
gone and those who wait,
stage left, with smiles
broad beaming or deep
hid ‘neath tears.

We’ll see, each one
of us, that Will was right,
this is a play, its comedy
of unity assured, so go
ahead on days you can
and bore the cynics stiff.
Variety abounds, tragedians,
forsooth, write well your
scenes, bring down the
house of less and more
if that be your preferréd
plot. Myself, I say, inverse
the curse, repair a leg,
but this you know,
which may be why
tomatoes grow where
once we tried to act
and could not
make a go…

Let it be so.

And now I shall slip
soundless through
proscenia to stages
well directed where
a cast awaits projected
and the factors exponential
of the you and me
and us already flow.

© Elaine Stirling, 2013
–image, proscenium stage of
Princess of Wales Theatre,