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medieval fair

Firstborn: the Merchant of Images

The Merchant of Images plies her wares
transacting ‘neath canopies of dragon
fly wings with coinage of silver too quick
for you to count the change; she’ll bide your stares
in exchange for a taste from your flagon,
but don’t be deceived: affection’s a trick
of the eye from a deck she’s stacked with all
that you’ve pilloried, all that you’ve loved; she’s
tested your market, she knows what you’ll buy.
You may try to outfit her like a doll
or outwit and unseat her—she will freeze
until you leave or learn to humbly supply
what she needs. Neither choice will disorder
the firstborn of this familial quarter.

(to be continued)


© Elaine Stirling, 2013
–Image of medieval fair from