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The Guardian of Supply

The Guardian of Supply is plain of face.
You’ll pass her in a crowd and not look twice;
on this she does rely, while all the while
she notes your attitude and keeps apace
providing more and more of avarice
toward joy or grief, she cares not which. Your style,
like the buttons on your coat she’ll push or
fashion new ones when from happiness you
burst—the choice is yours, and no one else is
gathering to limit or suppress your
bountiful experience of life. Do
not be taken in by feudal classes’
antidote. The merchant guilds of fraud die
neglected by sweet sister of supply.

Dominatrix of Demand

Oh, how her sibling does enjoy the trend
of those who think they hold an upper hand
by means of pain. The Dominatrix true
rejects the trivial, does not pretend
she cannot hear you when you ask. Demand
is our twin sister’s mastery, her view
of vortex unimpeded, she is brash,
intolerant of lack, loves imagery
of best and most and happiest; she breaks
the weakness of timidity, she’ll smash
the indecisive, throw monotony
like tepid water out the window. Fakes
she can’t abide, there is no concept in
our family of flaw, regret or sin.

(stay tuned for further introductions…)


© Elaine Stirling, 2013
–painting of “Two Sisters” by
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1889