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Little Fiendy Whozit has a weeny voice;
he rips away his little gifts and claims he had no choice.

Little Fiendy Whozit thinks he knows what’s right from wrong,
and he likes to teach you lessons with a big bang-bong.

Now Fiendy might be good with wood or teasing little girls,
but push him past his talent zone, you’re in for quite a whirl.

The things you ask he will not do, except to impress others;
to corner him or force his hand, it isn’t worth the bother.

He’ll drag his feet and raise a stink and sooner whack than kiss ya,
then polish up his nasty sticks, insist he doesn’t miss ya.

We’ve all a Fiendy Whozit in our little bag of tricks;
he feeds on disappointment that he fashions into bricks.

The thing you must remember about Fiendy Whozit’s wall
is there’s nothing there worth nothing, so don’t make him crawl.

The time may come when Fiendy finds his R and L,
but until he shows up friendly, let him stay in…well,

for now, let’s keep on skipping rope and holding hands for joy;
there’s plenty good and plenty more for every girl and boy,

And should you meet sweet Whozit on your ever-loving way,
please tell him that I’m sending only happy thoughts today.

And if my little horns and tail occasional appear,
they’re nothing much to fuss about or fear, my dear.


© Elaine Stirling, 2013
–Photo of children skipping by Diamond Mitch
from besteducationpossible.blogspot.ca, 2011