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Acrostic with adult content: Reader discretion advised


Seduction is One fine art, don’t you think?
Elevating thrill of Two bodies above all others
Recreating Eden with Three small words, I want you.
Perhaps you’ve heard me whisper, Four play designed to
Excite new moistures. Shame, you haven’t. Well, Five thousand
Nubile virgin queens await my instruction at Six, dripping beauty,
Thirsty for what you once gave, while Seven radiant gods pleasure me
In canticles. I summoned you Eight days ago, hero, and entered your
Night dreams boldly with Nine new positions
And straddled you at Ten years you wandered
Addled by my charms; Nine lives you’ve thrown away and
Now you are begging for what, Eight more?
If only things rose for you as they once did—Seven
Times a day, at your least; in one go, Six women,
No limits then to the power of a Five-wakened man,
Ecstatic. Happily, I say, the Four-cornered square turns diamond again
Positioning eternally Three men at the service of the spring-ripe
Regina, hungry at Two strokes past midnight I will arrive naked,
Egregious, my One hand wrapped around your feathered
Serpent, the other cupping Zero.

© Elaine Stirling, 2011
Image of “Eve Tempted” by William Blake