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Live in the momentum. The gazelle doesn’t run because
she is pursued, nor solely for the joy of it. The golden grass
parts when she gallops to heighten the shine in her eyes.

We think the heron stands on one leg in the water so as not
to scare dinner. Ascetics can’t appreciate the humour of the
circumnavigation of a king pickerel around his sacred column.

I asked my Beloved the meaning of the cheap plastic goods
laid out every morning that no one buys. He says we love to
look at things that take longer than we do to break down.

Though they’ll chew your leg off if you make one available,
stray dogs, I find, are more bored than hungry. Their yips are
predictable, and you can hear the sad clicking a continent away.

Yesterday, a workman came to my home and removed all
the ceilings. Last week, I smashed the ceramics with names
engraved of everyone for whom I’d agreed to slow down.

If you cannot see the interest rates working in your favour,
or sing by heart the lyrics of the fruition of this easier time,
eliminating salt from your diet is not going to help.

I have given off yelling at the inhabitants of soundproofed
rooms. All they hear from me is thumping, and all I see from
them is drywall. I will not answer again to a timid knock.

© Elaine Stirling, 2013