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Paranoia dressed for a night out

Paranoia dressed for a night out


The message came from someone I don’t know:
they’ve plans to take away our privacy.
Spit twice and rub your elbow till it glows
then carve your name inside this canopy.
What I’ve just said is utter lunacy,
but paranoia makes me roll my eyes
and cross my tease, for in reality
who hasn’t stolen has no need of spies.


By thinking new is how we best can grow
the neurons that surpass redundancy,
so why spend hours chasing, to and fro,
the same complaints through life’s brief tenancy?
We’ve all known random acts of piracy
and plenty you will find who’d patronize
your pain for their own history;
who hasn’t stolen has no need of spies.


While nations tangle in each other’s woe
and advertisers claim transparency,
the greater part of you would rather flow
with trust and mirth and sweet serenity.
Through heart and mind aligned, prosperity
knows how to plant the seeds that maximize.
This rhyming ballade you may read for free.
Who hasn’t stolen has no need of spies.


Since I’ve no answers for modernity
I’ll take my chances with the grand surprise
and leave this tiny clue for all to see.
Who hasn’t stolen, has. No need of spies!


The ballade, as it’s known in form poetry, derives from the medieval French chansons balladée, which were originally dancing songs. Three 8-line stanzas rhyme ababbcbC (C being a repeated line) with a concluding envoi, bcbC.

Image: A costume design for Louis XIV as The Rising Sun from the final entrée of Le Ballet de la Nuit, 1653.

© Elaine Stirling, 2013