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image of Pesto Braid Bread from goodfoodnotmuchtime.com

image of Pesto Braid Bread from goodfoodnotmuchtime.com

La maniobra is the handiwork
maneuver dedicated to the weave
of leave and coming back, the setting
free by pressing down with studied
grace that to the eye unpracticed seems
like nothing much and to the sordid
ear is mere fantastical; maneuver
leads like meteors, she sings the whale
song in harmony with needle crush
of rosemary atop the braid of Tuscan
bread. La maniobra is resistance ‘neath
the wings of dragonfly, your dreams;
though friction-free, she’ll slam you
like the shock waves of the bomb
should you attempt to stand, tin soldier-
like, between desires and the miracles
she sends to answer them.

La maniobra has no quarrel
with the rational, no mother chides
her infant son because he cannot
walk or speak, and neither will she take
your toys of fear away, of foolish games
she knows you’ll one day tire—but should
you choose to beckon the maneuver and
to wear her cloak, then do so as the man
before the burning bush, with awe; and
when you set upon the road, take care
that every step you take you leave
behind, and every word you utter’s
kneaded thrice before it leaves your
mouth by fingers of the maniobra.

© Elaine Stirling, 2013