I have always loved riddles–and even more, I love dot to dots, as in this dot-to-dotty question posed by Tim C. Taylor of Greyhart Press. To find the answer, simply click on the link below…but first I owe an apology to my elusive collaborating madman, Alain C. Dexter, who wrote his own back cover blurb for Dead to Rights, as if he had the…well, you know, right!

He wrote it, as he does most things, in a blinding whirl, and though I’d had more than my free say in the bare-all novella that features Alain, Dead Edit Redo, I wanted to rein him in. Slow the spin down. Now that I see the artwork and deep care given by the Greyhart team, with whom he clicked from the get-go, I can only say, tighten those goggles, ACD!

What connects Edgar Allan Poe, John Milton, Herman Melville, and Gavriel Navarro?.