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You’re not depressed, you are distracted by your ego that distorts, in contradiction FACUNDO_CABRAL-ESTE_ES_UN_NUEVO_DIA-FRONTto the innocence that clarifies. The ego confuses things with its judgment, believes that things are as it thinks they are. Even more, the ego believes that words are things; the ego doesn’t live, it interprets. It is a constant performance that never touches reality.

Meanwhile, innocence treats everything as equal and in doing so, lives closest to happiness, to wealth and tranquility. Innocence, seeing everything in a state of wonder, takes us from fiesta to fiesta. Innocence believes that life is a grand adventure; it’s excited because it’s seeing everything, always, for the first time, so the world is filled with novelty. For innocence, all things are a mirror because when we are innocent we’re conscious of being a part of God; and like God, innocence sees itself in all things.

Fun comes easily to the innocent because everything captures its attention: a grazing cow, the trunk of an old tree, black butterflies above a golden wheat field, a hummingbird paused in midair, a baker taking bread from the oven, the starry night, winter rain, logs burning in the fireplace, the sketches of Matisse, caravans of ants and of Bedouins, a Sunday sermon in the morning and football in the afternoon.

The ego assigns names to things, but innocence sees them; ego judges, innocence lives. Ego divides, innocence harmonizes differences; ego relies on the head, innocence the heart.

The ego is old because it relies on memory, while innocence is birthing anew in every moment. The ego exhausts us because it is always battling; innocence floats with grace because it is constantly giving way.

The ego is boring because it can’t give up searching; the innocent moves from wonder to wonder because it’s always finding and can carry on eternally enjoying the same horse, the same flower or the same star; innocence delivers itself fully to life and is therefore in a state of perpetual change.

In this way, the same is never the same, and innocence remains forever fresh.

Now that you are alone and tranquil, forget what you are because that’s how the rest of them create, and you’re listening to your heart:

What do you want to be? What do you want to do now, because life is always now.

Forget what you believe yourself to be and begin to be here now, and enjoy conviviality with all things. It is so gratifying to live without divisions, good, bad, rich, poor, black, white, friend, enemy, compatriot, foreigner.

The lightness of being when there are no enemies is such that we can soar at a moment’s notice because happiness works in sympathy with magic.

You didn’t lose your innocence, you just hide it away, fearing the ridicule of those who can only catalogue because they’ve lost theirs.

Set it free, and you’ll begin again the play of your early years enriched by intelligence. Free yourself from the preconceptions of memory and see everything for the first time; then you’ll be liberated from the boredom that overshadows people who think they know everything.

Don’t confuse activity with living. There is the sun, exactly there for you to see it; there’s the old tree that’s been around forever, so that you can appreciate anew the marvel it is.

Free yourself from the images that helped you forge the idea of other, and return to the innocence that is your natural state. Then you’ll be content with the wrinkles that confirm all you’ve seen, and what’s more, only in the state of innocence will you feel a part of all that surrounds you—that is to say, only with innocence can you see God.

You’re not depressed, you are distracted by good information, information that’s unavoidable if you want a good life. Try Solomon or Borges instead of the newspaper, Mahler or Bach instead of TV; intelligent and positive friendships instead of ignorant and lazy losers, unhappy with their choices. This is how you’ll receive the best, the essential energy because growth is natural to life. Constant movement is its cause, and to be ready for change we must be free and attentive, our tools ever ready for use when change moves through us; otherwise, it will vanish like smoke from a chimney.

It’s best to stay close to good receptors, the awakened ones, the curious like Bertrand Russell, Schopenhauer, Asbury, Bradbury, Eco, Paz, Krishnamurti, Osho, to name just a few.

Einstein’s secret was to follow minds more elevated than his own; Campbell’s secret was to immerse himself in all the secrets of history. Only the intelligent can detect how all the important things of life are intertwined. Only intelligence can connect us to the universe, to the point of comprehending that we are a part of it and contain the same energy.

Nothing repeats itself. This is why you have to live now; full life resides in every act just as everything is born from a single atom. And intelligence is what you see before seeing, that which knows where it’s going, is speaking and doing—the greatest consequences from the least attitude.

to be continued…

© Facundo Cabral, 2008
Translated from the Spanish by Elaine Stirling, 2012
Image: cover of Facundo Cabral’s 2008 album, This is a New Day