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The Wisdom of Facundo Cabral, continued

Don’t get tangled up in a few homicides and suicides: goodness holds the majority Facundo teachingbut goes unnoticed because it is silent. A bomb makes more noise than a caress, but for each bomb that destroys there are millions of caresses that nourish life. Goodness feeds on itself; evil destroys itself. If the bad guys knew that goodness is good business, they would be good, although they would still insist on negotiation.

You’re not depressed, you are distracted. If you would listen to the other, what you carry inside would know everything. You would find something for yourself in everything, and thus you would rise constantly. There would be no confusion, only nuance; and in your serenity you wouldn’t be searching for things and, thus, you would find all. Being in the present, you would say and do what must be said and done in every moment, naturally and with grace, using no force; everything you do would create fullness in your relationships.

Growing in love, you will be more creative, without limits or conditions.

Ignorance makes us feel enclosed and mortal—that is to say, we enclose ourselves and we are our own limiters. Fear distracts us from love that is knowing and brave because love knows it is immeasurable, without end. Look inside and those clouds of periphery will disappear. Remain in your stillness and silence to hear the sage you carry inside.

He carries the age of centuries, not years like your body does, and for this reason, he is beyond the capriciousness of measurement, of the biases that provoke fear, the son of ignorance.

Your sage is beyond the effects that cause you to believe in good or evil, rich or poor, darkness or light, because he lives in the essential—that is to say, within the very cause, the invisible from which all things surge.

And when you listen to the sage who lives within, you will feel the good, health-giving rain; you will be attentive to the cold, to the cause by which all effects are illuminated. That state of clarity will penetrate all corners, and by this method you will share and everything will come to you graciously. Wealth will multiply for you at every step.

David asked God for wisdom, and God told him, don’t ask for so little because wisdom includes everything. You don’t live within limits; you live within the very center of the miraculous; you are independent of the illusory order of the linear mind, excited by imagination and harmonized by hope.

You are spirit that for a short while occupies a body, an apt vehicle for wandering through oceans and mountains, among dolphins and elephants, between cities and deserts, traversing it all to recount the eternal story. And in the center of the world of spirit, reason plays—the reason that cures cancer, that facilitates communication, studies the terrain of Mars, that puts man on the moon.

Thought takes you to new places and makes you see things differently, more richly than the old way; and this will transform you so greatly that you will change your attitude toward the world, the world you’ve often sought to change instead of understand. And when you change, you will effect the world.

Close your eyes, and you will see all that you’ve become. Freed from historical time, you will travel at the speed of light, and that journey can better the lives of many because the power of thought is incalculable. It is a grand alchemist capable of transforming any circumstance to festivity—that is to say, any gross metal to gold.

Once your interior light has been lit, nothing can put it out. Your light is as perfect and incorruptible as the gold that symbolizes the power of purity, of the essential. Your spirit is enjoying an infinite, marvelous voyage, exploding with every moment that is lived with profundity.

Holiness is the destination of everyone, although few realize or dare to enter the roads that will take them there.

Where the ego is abandoned, miracles begin, and there, without struggle, you will recover your natural power, provoking life by means of love, to the point that you will walk on water and heal by your word.

Remember that Jesus said, “Greater things than these you will see, greater than these you will do.”

to be continued…

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© Facundo Cabral, 2008
Translated from the Spanish by Elaine Stirling, 2012