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from Green Science Image Gallery

Maybe we could start
by accepting the reality
that leafy things in all their
splendour have known since
forever—that we choose every
path, not one, in our absorption
of each other, that every flowering
completes itself, from simple to
complex in the arc of our
evanescent life spans.

You choose particulate so
I move to wave, which doesn’t
mean, silly, when I wash over you
that you’ll fall to pieces or even notice
that I’m coming—‘kay, fine, light of mine,
I am hard to miss, but if your patterns of
thought would stay latticed and not
shrink to that steely reinforced stone
we bought cheap from those dreary
institutions, my undulations would
flow through and across your
delectable spaces to rise us
both lighter, better, newer
than before and the

distances we travel
will be equal to or greater
than the sum of my particulates
awaiting the arrival of your shapely wave.


© Elaine Stirling, 2012