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constraint of form supports

Aegeus, King of Athens, consulting the Delphic Oracle

a pattern that creates

a world view

the poet

who views

molecular exchange or

perhaps subatomic in

the cringing of indifference

smashing ecstasies of pain

expresses form beyond

the cosmic through

continued lack of

interest in constraint

may one day find

that she is freed of it

while second third and

fourth who imitate

support the pattern

that creates a world view


The poem and title owe their existence to a discourse led by Ammonius, teacher of Plutarch, On the ‘E’ at Delphi, specifically, this passage: “…when we divide the several numbers into equal segments, the even parts asunder perfectly, and leaves inside a sort of recipient principle or space; if the odd is treated the same way, a middle part is always left over, which is generative.”

© Elaine Stirling, 2012