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This is Pollyanna. She loves cynics and Sufi poetry.

Either/or?  Or both and more?

A better means to settle scores

we must attain than throwing bricks

and stones at those we sore oppose.

It’s neither you nor me, my friend, it’s he

and she and we and them, and every time

you choose condemn, you shutter down

the best of all the rest, and bring along

the worst of whom you’ve placed as first;

the see-saw tips, the ballot rips and

smoldering resentment flips. The caustic

and the bloodied lip, though silenced,

still has much to say, while effort lost

in pummeling could just as well be

funneled into saying what is good and

right of viewpoints I support, and equally

of those I don’t, and hope to benefit from

more, not less, then feel no shame or rage

when leaders of the other rank attain

their chance, or mayhap mine; both are

divine–or could be, when we place the

choice, political and personal, of both

and more above elections that are

based on either/or.


© Elaine Stirling, 2012